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From as far back as 1988, Dr. Lyons had commenced a global applied research initiative to research product, commodity, energy, and waste development and design and to electronically model and integrate environmental, sustainable development, social and economic criteria within the supply chain/operations management process. He has been able to develop and utilize several computer modeling programs including systems thinking, life cycle analysis/costing and strategic management processes and systems in order to evaluate and implement effective supply chain management programs, which support and incorporate public policy, environmental management programs, as well as sustainable, social and economic development concepts. Since then, he and Mrs. Comeau have worked on and applied these concepts with several governmental, public and private sector agencies and institutions in the United States, Europe, the Caribbean and South America.

We focus on understanding the economic and environmental opportunities in strategically sourcing goods and services for organizations for the purpose of modifying processes and systems to shift mindsets that will help move human society toward making environmentally responsible decisions. We believe that we can do this by integrating ecologically sound and responsible criteria into traditional global supply chains and business paradigms, models, processes and practices, and through applied research for greening the supply change via sustainable development.

We the People of Green Purchasing, in order to form a more perfect purchase, establish Total Cost Analysis, insure environmental tranquility, provide for the common human and environmental defense, promote the general welfare through waste minimization, and secure the social responsibility to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this mindset for the entire free world.
The concept of Green Purchasing attracts many people from varied backgrounds and sectors of society. From the farmer in South America, to the factory worker in China, to the R&D and production managers in America, to the average consumer in every corner of the world, to the waste and remanufacturing industries that are in dire straights - a theme of concern is growing. We believe that with the voice of many - change can and will occur.

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